Immigration and Your Wallet | David Stone




There is a perception is some parts of the world that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and that pot of gold lies just inside the Unites States’ southern border.

And that if you can just get inside that border – climb, swim, boat, risk your life to do whatever, just get inside – then you get to dip your hands into that pot of gold and stuff your pockets with as much as you can carry. You will be set for life, along with your aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and everybody else that you can drag along with you. It is worth the risk.

The reality is, that to a large extent, this is a true statement.

This perception creates a very powerful MAGNET that draws people here and encourages them to cross our border, believing that they will be rewarded if they succeed.

Unfortunately that pot of gold actually resides not just inside our southern border, but inside your wallet on Friday afternoon when you get paid. You work hard and long for your money so that you can pay your rent or mortgage, and buy food and clothes for yourself and for your family.

Understand here and now that before you get so much as one dollar in your wallet on Friday afternoon, you have already paid for someone else’s rent, healthcare, food and clothing.

Those funds were deducted out of your salary without your consent, long before you ever get to pay your own rent or provide for your own family. Just look at your last paystub.


Just stop giving them money. Your money. This process will eliminate the magnet that draws them here in the first place. Simple idea, really.