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About the Author

david_stone_author_picture_300_dpi_508x480David Stone is the grandson of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who came to America from Europe during the Ellis Island years and landed in Brooklyn. His Grandfather was required to have a sponsor and a promise of employment before he could come to New York. Working as a house painter and raising five children in a basement apartment, his family had no safety net. There were no handouts back then. If they didn’t make it on their own, well, that was just too bad. It was sink or swim. By sheer will and determination they survived just fine.

David Stone’s parents eventually moved to New Jersey, where David was born as a Baby Boomer. His father worked in a local aerospace factory and earned enough to support his wife and two sons in modest fashion.

As an adult, David became a serial entrepreneur, starting and developing several technology businesses. Some became successful and some, not so much.

Currently he lives in Massachusetts and owns a local small business.

After a messy divorce and selling the big house on a tree lined street, David Stone landed in what can be described as a sketchy neighborhood.

Living in an area where most executives never get to see became his inspiration for writing about illegal immigration. What used to be something very good for our country, no longer works as it was originally intended.

David Stone explains the relationship between working people and the high cost of illegal immigration.

IMMIGRATION and YOUR WALLET connects the dots between what is left of your paycheck on Friday afternoon and why the rest of it has vanished.